Wednesday, October 15, 2008

26.2 Thing 5

I recently visited Hyannis and decided that reviewing the experience for the purpose of the course would be great. You can see what I thought at I found that using the tools for posting this review were easy to follow and helpful for the next time I want to take a trip.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

26.2 Thing 4

The social network sites are very important to me. Being a member of a Greek lettered organization I want to, not only keep in touch, but also be able to stay informed of current events nationally and locally. I obtain all of this information through using For instance I no longer live in the state that I joined but I will be visiting my former school for the purpose of attending Homecoming festivities and catching up with old friends. I have been able to stay updated on all the upcoming events by being a member of this group. I also visited The Home-Based Business Opportunities,, for the purpose of gauging the various business ideas available for anyone who wants to work from home. I have always had ideas of starting a catering business starting out of my home and seeing where it takes me. Because we had to find three uses with my third I used to find charitable organizations and events to volunteer.